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Hey y’all! My name is Ali and I’m a twenty something engaged explorer with an adventurous spirit and old soul tendencies. I truly crave being outdoors and keeping busy, I guess that’s just the country in me!
Growing up, I lived and breathed the outdoors and Mother Nature. My backyard was the mountain backside full of woods, something I continuously looked for anywhere I went after in my life. I have always been drawn to fresh air, chilly winds, severe thunderstorms, flora & fauna, and so many other natural parts of our beautiful world.
Ever since moving to Memphis, TN, I’ve had the ability to start hiking and exploring more of this beautiful city and state, as well as the others in this amazing country.
Currently, I am engaged to my wonderfully handsome partner Chas who is a Memphis local and my road-trip partner. He typically deals with mapping out trips and planning our arrival and departure times. We don’t always do this type of heavy planning, but we do prefer having a physical map over GPS/ phone directions any day.
This blog will be all things adventure and travel! I’ll be posting all things outdoors, adventure, and cultural related. As avid hikers, my fiancé and I travel quite often on the weekends to short drives and getaways. You can too just by checking in here on my personal story blog about how we did it! Waterfalls are a top favorite of ours, so there will be plenty of cool splashes and waterfall stories for you to follow as well. As an anthropology graduate, I have a goal of visiting as many museums as possible – large, small, unique, and weird. As an archaeology graduate, I am pulled towards ancient and modern sites and archaeologically excavated areas, just to name a few.
Chas and I often do short 1-3 day trips and occasionally take longer road trips with driving times upwards of 20 hours or more! We set our sights on exploring somewhere and we start planning!
My goal is to feature some of the best locations to visit including great hikes, geological formations, culturally important areas and museums, and so much more. I hope to give those that don’t have a lot of cash to spend on extravagant getaways a more affordable option with frugal tips along the way. Something I haven’t seen much information on is accessibility and disability services. I hope to include trips and excursions for those that may be less than enthusiastic about hiking or just plain can’t do it. Either way, everyone will find something useful on my blog!
If this interests you, then you definitely will love my blog posts and stories about traveling. I’d love any requests or suggestions for upcoming posts and if you want to read something specific, just ask! Regardless of whether I reach 1 or 1,000,000,000 readers, I’ll be happy knowing that I’ve reached someone who can use these stories to uplift their lives.
With love, Ali.
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